Travel Buddy 12 Volt Marine Oven

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Spare parts are included in ovens purchase , do not order unless additional to oven purchase.




Fast Food takes on a new meaning with the Travel Buddy. This portable, lightweight, 12 volt oven can cook, bake and warm foods while you travel.

Simply load the Travel Buddy up with pies, pasties, sausage rolls, pizzas hotdogs or a pre-prepared meal and plug into your car’s cigarette lighter socket, set the timer and while you are driving or parked, your meal is being heated or cooked.

Please Note: As this unit draws 10 amps, it is suggested where possible, to hardwire directly to the power supply. We have found that the female plugs in a number of vehicles are different sizes and without a firm fit, this can cause overheating in the plug. This will NOT affect the warranty.


  • Heat a meal on the move
  • Fitted with a 2 hour timer to protect from battery failure
  • 12 Volt DC 10 Amp
  • Insulated stainless steel
  • Manufactured and designed in Australia
  • 190 degrees Celsius+ after initial warm up

External Dimensions

  • Height 190mm
  • Width 320mm
  • Depth 280mm

Internal Dimensions

  • Height 100mm
  • Width 265mm
  • Depth 250mm


  • Insulated Steel Body
  • 12 volt DC 10 amp 120 watts
  • Fitted with 2 hour timer
  • Free standing or mounted


The Travel Buddy is a sturdy oven that you can take anywhere. The stainless steel makes it easy to use and to clean. If your vehicle has a socket for a cigarette lighter, then there is nowhere that the Travel Buddy can’t go! Heat a meal while you travel, it doesn’t matter if there are no shops around, your meal will be ready when you arrive. The Travel Buddy’s heating temperature reaches approximately 190 degrees Celsius+ after the initial warm up.

Ideal for:

  • 4×4 Activities
  • Camping
  • Tradespeople
  • Transport
  • Caravans
  • Boats
  • Touring
  • Farmers, etc


Flat rate freight – $10 per item

126 reviews for Travel Buddy 12 Volt Marine Oven

  1. Julie Mercieca Wife of a fisherman

    We are fishermen and have one on board now as does a friend of us who recommended you to us. The boys love it when its cold and they can tuck into a hot pie or pre-made toasted sandwiches and for the afternoon they have apple pies! Other boats pull up besdie them and ask “Where is the bakery?” What a wonderful product.

  2. Anonymous

    We recently went camping and arrived midday, We had 6 pies heating on the way, it took 1 hour to heat thawed pies. Was a big hit with some of the other campers who smelt the pies cooking and I’m sure a few of them will be purchasing their own Marine ovens. Love it.

  3. Richard Kearns

    I am a road pilot and travel all over the country every day, good meals are important and I had been looking at a number of the cheaper ovens however they looked cheap and nasty and I assumed would only last a short time given they were made in China.
    I decided to buy the larger travel buddy marine because it had a timer and heat setting, the quality and finish is excellent you can see this as soon as you open the box, it works great and I am more than delighted with the product.
    At a little over twice the price of a cheap Chinese oven it is very good value for money and I am proud to be supporting an Australian manufacturer.

  4. MickVR

    As an interstate truck driver I got sick of the crap served up at most roadhouses these days. I.E McDonalds, KFC and undercooked odds and sods (Still frozen Corn and Roast Spuds) in cafeteria style roadhouses.
    I tried the dick smith cheap and nasty oven and got what I payed for. Everything I put in it had burnt bottoms. Try eating a pie where the meat on the bottom is tougher than leather and the pastry bottom has the consistency of a china plate. When putting in home baked meals pre-packaged in those coles and safeway aluminium trays, again burnt on the bottom.
    After a fuse holder melt down on the dicksmith oven I made an internet search and found the travel buddy.
    I chose the 12 volt marine because I wanted to use the oven for both in the truck, and to help feed mates when fishing on the boat. The extra few dollars for the larger internal dimensions and the temperature control were worth it. Also since I drive a euro truck with both 12 and 24 volts outputs, I wanted the flexibility of still using the oven if I went back to American trucks with 12 volt only.
    Now… I heat frozen pies pasties and sausage rolls for my mates when fishing. Perfect !!!!!
    My home cooked pre-packaged aluminium meals are re-heated perfectly (with a bit of fiddling with the timer to ensure cooked through depending on food density) for while I’m on the road.
    I tried a mini roast, but fragged it up, the meat was perfect, but didn’t get the timing right for the spuds. Experimentation will fix this.
    I really love this product, I’m showing it to all my trucking and boating friends.
    Since it used between the truck and boat, I haven’t used the mounting brackets that came with it so can’t tell you yeah or nup. In the truck it’s stable enough to not slide around, in the boat I’m going to make up a quick hitch/clamp system using the provided brackets.
    At the end of the day, best money I have spent. Saves me a bucket load of cash when on the road and I can at least control what I eat. And it’s a hot with my fishing buddies. WIn Win

  5. Alan and Arnne

    My wife is gluten intolerant so grabbing a meal on the road is difficult. Now she carries a few gluten free pies and sausage rolls etc for a hot and tasty meal. We also cooked a small beef sirloin roast with vegetables which turned out great.

  6. Lorraine

    My Son is a truckie and loves it

  7. john Mettam

    Just received my 12volt marine oven, and was able to set up and cook Aussie lamb and Merlot pies for lunch on Australia Day! They came out perfect! Excellent device, and worth every cent!

    I will be buying more for family members as Xmas presents. Excellent value.

  8. John Holt

    Having used one of these ovens for 12 months previous I was glad to purchase my own . All I can say is hot food in a boat is a luxury thanks to this product.

  9. Rhonda

    Gadget loving 4WD Hubby mounted and road tested our Travel Buddy 12 volt Marine Oven yesterday out on the tracks. His words, “For the first time ever I have managed to cook a pie perfectly!” Apparently the Travel Buddy is not ‘ours’ anymore … it is ‘his’. I can see our trips becoming far easier for me now as hubby finds more excuses to show off his new toy 🙂 So I get to sit back and relax while he drives and cooks 😉

  10. Dave and Terri

    After finding a way to mount the new oven in the 4×4 so it would stay in one place, we road tested it in the mid north of SA.
    On what was a very cold day the hot pies and pasties for lunch were a great hit. The warmed muffins for afternoon tea were also a hit.
    Can’t wait to try a roast or similar!

  11. Nev Harris

    I installed mine today in my Triton. It is awesome!

  12. Brett Paton

    Ordered the Travel Buddy Marine online and week later it arrived at my office, thought give it a quick test on way home so swung pass local IGA shop and grabbed dozen chicken nuggets, chips and aum foil. Placed chips on lower shelf & nuggets upper shelf, whacked temp to full and headed off home. 30 mins later when got home called my girls out to garage & asked then to test the nuggets & chips. Very happy to say the nuggets were crispy but the chips would have really needed another 10 min but they were cooked. Looking forward to testing the roast beef in rolls out this weekend while 4wding plus we already thinking off next trip up north soon and its many use the Travel Buddy Marine will be giving us. Big thanks to John.

  13. Marius

    I ordered the product on Monday and received it the same week, just as I requested wrapped. This is an excellent product and service is great.


  14. Mike.

    I bought the 12volt Marine stove to use in my 31 foot sailboat.
    So far we have used it to cook Pizza and even a lamb roast in 3.5 hours without any problems. The build quality is very good, the battery drain seems to be manageable. We have even found trays etc from our local IGA that fit perfectly. Great Product, keep up the good work.

  15. Peter

    My neighbour told me about the oven on a friday evening, so one was ordered (Marine) sat morning, it arrived on tuesday (Xmas eve) how quick was that, was not expecting to be able to use it for the xmas trip.
    I cut the power lead approx 300mm from the plug and fitted Anderson connectors (30A) as a joiner, my bus has anderson connectors for power (ham radio).
    The oven works so well, I’m impressed, and the magnificent smell of cooked pies while driving is just great.

    One minor suggestion I have, please provide a spare shelf as a tray (perforated), the pies tend to break apart a bit in the grilled shelf whilst bouncing along the road.

  16. terry loran

    Best thing since sliced bread

  17. Barry


    Up until now I’ve always considered that my fridge & generator were the two best camping/4wd items that I’d every bought. They have just been relegated to second & third place! The Travel Buddy oven has just moved into first place. Nothing beats having hot pies, sausage rolls, and warm donuts while your camped in the Victorian High Country or the west coast of Tasmania in the middle of winter.
    As I did, after you purchase one, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

  18. brett

    Great little product throw in a couple of frozen pies and when you stop for morning tea they are piping hot.
    Easy to install and shipping was super fast

  19. david

    Top product everyone at work wants to use it

  20. Glenn

    I have had the Marine oven engineered to the back of my new BT50. It feeds my kids food such as sausage rolls, chicken nuggets and pizza’s. This is not just while camping but after football games etc. It has saved me a fortune in food from the footy club and servo’s while driving long distances. In fact it has paid for itself. How do I clean it – with a pressure cleaner. All waterproof. May take longer than cooking instructions on packets but worth it. I have a 80lt Engel fridge/ Freezer that stores the frozen food for cooking. Thanks Travel Buddy THE BEST

  21. david richards

    this is a fantastic product for heating up any food,pies etc
    the only problem is the smell of freshly cooked pies,when its mounded in your car. mouth watering.

  22. Allison n David

    Recently bought a travel buddy, best investment ever.Received it in 3 days, fast delivery. Already cooked sausage rolls to perfection. Next is a pork roast, cant wait…

  23. Anonymous

    My husband has used his marine travel buddy everyday for work for the past week. Sausage rolls, pies and today last night leftover baked potato, roast chicken and Garvey. Nothing beats a hot lunch on a very cold Victoian winters day! Very satisfied customer.

  24. Ben

    Excellent product. Very well made. Heats well. I use it mainly to heat pies, pasties etc for lunch and dinner as I travel the road 6 days a week. Works very well.

  25. Cam

    My mate and I purchased the marine units before a weekend of camping in the snow and heading across Mt Skene, what a fantastic purchase, between the two of us we had enough hot food to share around. John was fantastic to deal with, units arrived the day after ordering them. Once warm it was surprising how little power it consumed keeping things warm as we set-up camp.

    So many things to still try out, there is nothing better than opening the canopy in the snow and smelling hot crispy pies, sausage rolls and mini chicken Kiev balls. Hot ham and cheese rolls were great as well as reheating trays of Singapore noodles and Vietnamese fried chicken, all while driving. Next trips menu will include a roast and veg as well as home-made lasagne and pasties.

  26. Michael

    Such a handy bit of gear when you are out travelling. Whilst the 10amp usage is not small, its nothing a bit of planning and a decent dual battery system can’t handle. The cold sides and back make it very friendly for a 4wd setup.

  27. David

    From order to receiving product only a few days, and well packaged also . Have only tried it out so far with frozen pizzas and after 90 min in a cold oven they were a treat to eat. So looking forward to my next fishing trip to try out it’s full potential. Only thing missing is a temp gauge, whilst yes you can dial in a temp. A gauge would supplement it nicely. Will probably make a few meals in this afloat trays and heat and cook to eat, whilst on the beach.

  28. Lauren

    Every person needs this oven. It has made travelling with kids super easy as tea is ready when we get to our destination. Good size for a variety of cooking. A must have for everyone.

  29. Nicole

    We’ve just finished a trip to Flinders Ranges. It was a tad chilly up there and to be able to pull up on the side of the track and have a couple of hot pies ready to bite into was brilliant! The oven is secured to the tray of the Cruiser and will now be used for work smokos until the next trip! Very happy with the purchase!

  30. Colleen

    We drive interstate so love being able to cook our meals instead of buying the crap they sell on the road, we can reheat our home cooked meals easily, & it’s so easy to buy a small roast or rissoles etc, chuck in some veges & 2 hrs later dinner is cooked. It has saved us so much money. We had the smaller 12V oven as this one wasn’t available in 12V then, but have just upgraded to this one for the extra space. Looking forward to pulling up in the middle of nowhere & enjoying a ‘truck/home cooked meal’

  31. Brent

    Purchased this for use in my boat. What a pleasure to have a hot crispy pie while reeling in a few snapper. I had a perfect pie from frozen in 90 mins.
    I have a long road trip planned for December and will be doing a roast.
    My crew is very happy!

  32. Brent

    What a fantastic product. I received delivery within 3 days. When trolling for tuna it is often too rough to cook so the travel buddy is the perfect solution.
    I used it this weekend and cant wait to use it again.

  33. michael

    Great for me as a truck driver can eat healthy meals instead of junk food, also can take it 4x4ing great investment..

  34. Todd

    Just got the Travel Buddy marine the other day and plugged it in my thumper to heat a couple of pies…….. excellent ……. can’t wait to fit it in the car and use it for when I’m travelling

  35. craig robinson

    Fast delivery, great price, good to see something that is made in Australia. Looking forward to using it on the next fishing trip

  36. Andrew

    Used my travel buddy marine oven this weekend. Easily fits 8 pies. Chuck whatever you are cooking in the oven turn it on and keep driving. If you time it well(there is a rough guide) you get to pull up at eat hot food immediately. So handy for a full day of driving not having to do anything

  37. Darin

    Having just come back from a 7 day trip to Lake Eyre, this unit faultlessly served up hot pizza, pies, donuts and spring rolls. All to the envy of the rest of the travel group. This has been one of the best additions to my travelling kit.

  38. Iain

    We have had the small oven for a few years, we needed a bit more room for pre-prepared meals for a 5 week trip coming up.
    Also thermostat control is better for what we want.
    So we bought a marine model, plus one for a mate.
    The lead is a bit shorter! It doesn’t reach the socket like the other.
    We havnt put food in it yet but did put it through a heat cycle, don’t expect any problems.
    Thanks for the great service and quick delivery.

  39. Jason Laub

    Very handy when out camping and heading bush for an easy meal, frozen pizza, party pies, sausage rolls etc.
    The power draw is high at 10 amps but fitting a 4wd deep cycle/cranking battery to the camper trailer takes care of the power issues. Better yet connecting to your vehicle with Anderson plugs or running dual batteries really helps.
    The only thing to remember this is not a fast cooker with an hour pre heat time to 190 oC – 200 oC and an hour cook time to heat the party pies/sausage rolls or pizza from frozen.
    But this is great for when you are too tired or can’t be bothered to cook anything, just remember it takes time so start the oven early. Great little unit and fits in under the sink of my camper trailer perfectly. P.S. remember to put foil down on the bottom first if cooking pizza, the melted cheese makes a hell of a mess to clean up.

  40. Sean

    Recently purchased the 12 Volt Marine oven and am totally satisfied with how the unit performed. Cooked a Lamb roast ( small ) whilst driving across the Simpson and it did its job with ease. Would recommend any travelling people out there to make this their next tool for camping. Options are endless in what food you can prep and take on any trip.Its a neat n tidy unit and a very reasonable price for what it can save in buying on the go food, which is never as good as home prepped.

  41. Bob Hutton

    While I have only cooked in my 4 X 4 in the garage with the “Travel Buddy – Marine oven it has exceeded my expectations. The time frames supplied are towards of the maximum time required but this may change as the unit ages. I have heated frozen dished and even cooked a casserole in it (seared the meat added all ingredient) stir after 1 hour and then set timer for 90 minutes, the lamb was nice and tender. This opens a new door for us as we are off on the first part of our big lap. Thanks.

  42. Brendan Saunders

    Cooked our first roast in it on a recent trip and it worked a treat. Worked exactly as the recipe suggested and ment there was no cooking to be done when we arrived so we could just relax! Makes it really easy when travelling with little ones.

  43. Corey Gear

    We used our travel buddy oven on our holiday to the snow .
    When we arrived we were very happy with our hot pies ready to go .

  44. bernie

    Having bought my Travel Buddy, which arrived quickly. Next day I loaded 8 frozen Four N Twenty pies in, and took of on a 5 hour drive. 2 hours in, the timer went bing, and we stopped for coffee and hot pies. Perfect eating temperature and crisp pastry. I had very happy passengers, and a low cost stop. A few more trips, and the Travel Buddy will have paid for itself by not buying takeway food.
    Very Happy. Thankyou. Now just to find where to mount it…….

  45. Dowlin Haulage

    I brought the travel buddy for my husband to have in his truck as he is away most of the time he said it’s the best money we’ve spent on a oven for the truck then about 5 seconds after completing the order on line he calls me back up and ask if I could purchase another one for his mate a driver of course they both couldn’t be happier and I even spoke to the salesman over the phone he was great very helpful

  46. jason

    Nothing better than hot pies on a cold days fishing

  47. Kevin

    I’m an interstate truckie, had the travel buddy marine oven for approximately 2 weeks now, I use it at least twice a day, the best oven I’ve ever used, plenty of room for the food, easy to clean and best of all cooks my meals perfect, highly recommend this product to everyone, value for money in my opinion

  48. Sharon

    Wow…soooo impressed with this little oven I’ve just purchased for my husband. He loves it and rates it to all his mates. We just took a quick break up to the Daintree and saved a heap of money cooking everything from pies, sausage rolls, quiche, pizza, homemade frozen lasagne and zucchini slice. The options are endless so this little oven will easily pay for itself in no time. It’s awesome to get to a camp site and have dinner ready to go.
    Also a big shout out to the wonderful staff who shipped the oven on the same day so we could use it on out camping trip. Great customer service and a great product A+

  49. Barry

    Have owned an earlier version of the Marine Travel Buddy, it came as no surprise that the new “up-dated version” was as good as expected. My unit is mounted in my 4WD and has been subjected to some of the roughest terrain in the country, and it has never failed me. It’s rigid construction ensures long life & reliability. The convenience of being able to heat or cook food while camping or 4WDing can not be underestimated. There’s nothing like a hot pie, sausage roll, or leg of lamb, while camping in the Victorian High Country in the dead of winter. Once you have one, you’d never be without it.

  50. Mandy McNaught

    If you love to get outdoors, travel, just go driving but save money on eating out at fast food places. Well travel buddy camp oven is the ideal new purchase for you. You can make meals and package in foil trays to reheat, cook pies suasage rolls etc, or even cook a baked dinner from scratch. No more eating fast food.. We used a friends on a recent birdsville trip and had hot lunches everyday. We came home & bought 3 for our family.

  51. Vic

    Was looking for a oven to heat food and came across a 4 wheel drive program on the internet that had a Travel Buddy oven. So looked on the Travel Buddy website and saw it had good reviews and decided to buy one. Best thing i have purchased so far, works well and fits in the back of 4 wheel drive perfectly. Have told all my friends to buy one. As Molly Meldrum says “DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND GO GET ONE “

  52. nigel

    I bought the travel buddy to have hot food while I was out in the bush , while traveling between towns .I found that it does what I expected and am more than happy with the product thankyou.

  53. Adam

    This little beauty is a game changer. If you spend long days touring in the outback then you MUST get this product – it actually works! It’s unbelievable how uplifting it is to have a hot lunch and a cold drink in the middle of nowhere. Be it pies, pizzas or even a roast! whatever the oven in you kitchen at home can do, this little 12V oven in my 4WD can do. Incredibly impressive.

  54. Dick Smith

    having seen travel buddy’s around for a while we finally decided to update from our lunch box cooker (which i thought would be hard to beat) fitted it up with an anderson plug and all i can say is AWESOME
    The best cook so far is 4 1/2 hr pulled lamb, as well as the other usual frozen good things , lol
    In closing don’t just think about it , DO IT you will never regret the purchase

  55. garry cooke

    Haven’t used it yet,but it looks great,just perfect,better than advertised,doing a chicken roast in it tonight.l gave it a turn on works good as gold,so i’m looking forward to dinner tonight.l would change couriers Fastway took 6 days to get it from Bendigo to Brisbane,and another 5 days from Brisbane to South East Brisbane,in the end it was delivered by car.I think the pushbike they had been using ,must of had bald tyres,causing many punctures.Apart from that,happy as.

  56. James Denton

    When purchasing the travel buddy oven I had high expectations given other reviews I had read. I was very happy with the outcome.
    The oven is great, works as stated and kept the kids fed during a recent short trip with mini pizzas and meat balls.
    The oven will be invaluable in the future, especially feeding the kids as soon as we arrive at our destination on 4WD trips.

  57. Colin Campbell

    Going from a typical 4WD with 3, I am now a solo 4WD’er and thought that I would make life easier on myself with respect to cooking.

    I ordered the Oven on a Friday and it was here on the Tuesday and what a well built unit. Looked for a suitable spot in the 4WD and wired it up and gave it a try with a couple of frozen pies.

    Does everything the advertising said it does, can’t wait to try it out on my next trip.

  58. Edgar Schmid

    Impressed with the speed of delivery. Excellent. Packaging of product good and no signs of abuse. Unpacked and examined product. IMHO, excellent workmanship of metal work. Have bought similar products in past, none of which were able to achieve the standard on this product. Have chosen their metal workers very well. Have not yet used the product, will in 3 weeks. but in general am very impressed with the quality of product and the finish.

  59. David Ford

    Too early to comment on cooking with the Travel Buddy. However my experience to-date has been awesome, I received the Travel Buddy within a few days of being ordered and took about 30 min to hardwire it into my exsisting 12 volt system … works perfectly.

    Very happy and cant wait to start cooking pies and experiment with a roast.

  60. Michael Stothers

    This oven is great. But sometimes it not about the product. Sometimes people need to know about the after sales service. I purchased this oven for my camper, but during operation had a problem. I contacted Travel Buddy ( John ) to discuss issue. I ended up sending back for repair.
    The after sales service and care that Travel Buddy offered was just fantastic. They kept me inform as to the problem and fixed it straight away as I needed it for a trip. Knowing that these people offer this type of service, which you don’t get very often is great. Thank you very much Travel Buddy. You now have a field salesperson out in the field.

  61. Ian Foster

    So far the oven has lived up to expectations reason being I only received the oven today and tried it on a frozen meal which I found better tasting than the same meal in a microwave. Can’t wait to experiment using it for more conventional cooking methods.

  62. david t

    great product works just as described no more cold sandwiches for lunch hot stuff only

  63. Stewart

    Very impressed by quality and efficiency of this unit.
    I strongly suggest to any new user that they follow the manufacturers advice in “Recipes” – in particular warm-up time and rotation of food mid cycle. Especially important in sub-zero temps in the high country.
    Only 1 improvement I could suggest. If a heavy item – e.g. a casserole, is being heated, and the oven is subjected to harsh travel in a 4wd or boat, the door can accidentally pop open. A better latching method could solve this. Simple fix for me was a mini bungee cord, so no big deal. Just keep the rubber bit away from the oven casing.

  64. Lisa

    Tried it out for the first time, cooked some pies, they turned out crispy and delicious.

  65. Craig Harris

    After receiving my Travel Buddy and testing it on an Angus pie with mushroom gravy you have to wonder why anyone would purchase a Chinese knock off for the same price. The oven is very well built and performs to a tee cooking my frozen pie in 90 minutes. I can’t wait to get on the road again, stock up the Travel Buddy and have a scrumptious meal at lunch or dinner. This has to be one of the best products I have ever bought to make traveling easier and more enjoyable.

    Craig Harris

  66. Anonymous

    The first time I tried the oven I bought was when doing the Madigan Line and cooked some sausage rolls for lunch which was just awesome. I then started moving onto cooking for dinner as well, and just putting the food in earlier had it ready when you pulled up.

    The only downside was the smell, it just made you want to stop and eat early.

    I can see that this is going to be a permanent fixture in the car now.

  67. Liam

    Best item i’ve bought for my car hands down, can go camping 4 hours away and a lovely roast is done by the time i get there! Takes about 40 minutes to get up to temp, but after that she’s a gun

  68. B & Laurie – Albany WA

    Works perfectly. Doesn’t take long to heat at all. Smells like a bakery when heating pies. Easy to install & use as we have ours in the back of our canopy permanently fixed beside fridges etc. Have tried a few different food varieties in here & nothing has failed yet!. Great item & would recommend to others. We have sung your praises to our friends & family & they all seem impressed. Good job!

  69. GG

    fantastic product and so easy to use. this makes eating away from home a lot more enjoyable and certainly more tasty.

    The service I received from the company was nothing other than first-class and they are extremely helpful when you have any queries also.

  70. Craig White

    I had looked at the Travel Buddy Marine for years. Finally I purchased one & used it. I should have bought one years ago. They are excellent but could be improved by insulating the door & fitting a stronger door latch for 4WDing. They are simple to use as long as you understand that these ovens are not going to be as fast as your home oven. They could be improved by fitting an Anderson Plug & cig adapter. Keep up the great work guys but keep improving your product. Love the smell of the food cooking.

  71. Elite Engineering Qld

    Great Product – Great Customer Service

  72. Graeme Jans

    Ordered the oven online and it was here within the specified delivery time. Product is excellent and very happy with the service. Have dealt with this company twice now and couldn’t ask for better service.

  73. Kelly Fleming

    Received my Travel Buddy and started to cook straight away.
    No dramas at all, including a few items like supplying some spare bits and pieces and fitting with an Anderson connector. I definitely recommend this oven. Australian made, good quality, with great Service to Match!

  74. Tony

    Been waiting a few months to receive my Travel Buddy
    but the wait was worth it.
    The first thing I did was replace the plug with an Anderson plug, Then I plug it in and cooked a chicken roast, potatoes carrots pumpkin onions. I preheated the oven and then loaded the food into an oven bag, then placed it in a stainless steel tray designed for the Travel buddy, Placed the tray in the oven for 2.5 hours. Was cooked to perfection. The only issue is I agree with may others who wrote the same, the door latch is an issue when it comes to 4wdriving off road. it will never stay closed, the Latch on the competition’s, is much more positive. and there could be some insulation in the door.

  75. Ed

    Not the first Travel Buddy Oven in the family. Aussie hand made by the people who use them. Had a couple of questions which were promptly answered. To my knowledge, the only Australian owned and built, hand made 12v (or 24v) oven.
    Highly recommend.

  76. Mark Tonellato

    Safe and Effective

  77. Marc

    I have been watching people use these on YouTube for ages and finally got one. We did quite a bit of testing before taking it camping and it will cook anything that you can fit inside. We made a video clip about the initial testing we did : but one thing we had to change was the cigarette lighter plug that comes with it. These work fine if there is no play in the plug hole but they can melt if there is so we switched the connection to an Anderson Plug. The other change we are about to make is putting a better latch (supplied by Somerville Metalworks) to make the door more secure. It hasn’t come open with the original catch but I can see it happening eventually if the road is rough enough. Overall we are very happy with the product and recommend it for anyone who is into 4x4ing, camping, caravanning etc.

  78. Yvonne

    We tried out our travel buddy for the first time on the weekend. Absolutely fantastic, we only did some basic things like pies and sausage rolls and some cheese and ham croissants but it was so nice to have something hot for lunch while travelling. So looking forward to experimenting with lots of other meals. Love it!

  79. Graeme W

    This product is really outstanding. My only regret is I waited so long to order it. Looking forward to nice hot food whilst fishing in winter.
    Very solid and well made and heats up faster than I imagined

  80. Anonymous

    I’v bought 5 of these and everyone who has one loves them, beats roadhouse food by a mile!

  81. Shane G

    Ordered and had it delivered to QLD in 5 days.
    Wow – Pies were nice and hot and the pastry even came out nice and crispy (4nTwenty Angus Pies)
    Cooked a roast for dinner with Potatoes – excellent result
    Using the wasted time while driving to cook your dinner – brilliant – just makes you hungry smelling the cooking while driving
    Stoked with the purchase and just wish I had done it earlier.

  82. michael chilton

    Great oven first cook (heat pie ) .700kg roast , 1 large spud cut in thick slices , 2 hrs turn over drain excess liquid off 1.5 hrs later meat fell apart .

    great oven 10 out of10
    mick. ordered it on Wed arrived Friday.

  83. Brad Chilton

    Purchased a cheap pie warmer to see if I’d like it. Used it for a bit then decided to get the Travel Buddy. Should have gone straight to the Travel Buddy. The pie doesn’t get soggy from the steam. Crispy top. Today reheated a pumpkin pasta in small foil container. Fantastic.. loving it so far. Can’t wait to try some different cooking as opposed to just reheating.

  84. Michael CHILTON

    Placed 4 snags in oven (tin foil) 1hr turn , put 2 eggs in foilpan (small)
    20 min all cooked , Next was the bacon, foilpan again 35 mins ,
    bloody fantastic , trying fish next , when they open borders.
    great oven.
    Mick Mildura.

  85. Brett from Geelong

    Very happy with my Marine Travel Buddy, wirks a treat and was at my door step in only a few days after placing the order. Friendly & helpful staff.

  86. Rod Drabsch

    We received our travel Buddy with the Anderson Plug as requested. Temporarily installed & plugged it in. 1st use was some frozen Party pies for a short trip to camp (1 hour) it was cold & wet yet what a perfect way to grab a hot lunch on arrival before setting up camp.
    We’re very much looking forward to permanently installing the oven for regular use.
    We’re Impressed with the quality of the oven & glad to support Australian Made. Thanks for a great product.

  87. Jason Jackson

    Ordered and delivered super fast.
    Love the product and looking forward to getting out on the trails.

  88. Vanessa Ironstar

    Ordered one for my partner for his birthday, but secretly have wanted one myself for ages. I put the order in late Wednesday evening and it arrived Monday afternoon, wow excellent service, considering the COVID dilemma in Victoria, and we are in nsw.
    My partner was absolutely stoked, and we are already talking about the food we can cook when we travel, and of course a good old pie on the road, yum yum.
    Thanks for the top quality of your ovens and price and made in australia. You all have every reason to be proud of your product, top quality.

  89. Mike Grima

    Use on the weekend and was like cooking at home whilst driving. It was that good we have ordered a second unit.

  90. Karl Fehlauer

    I procrastinated for 2 years before buying a Travel Buddy 12 volt Marine oven and I am kicking myself, I should have just bought it two years ago.

    A great Aussie made product and I look forward to many years of use (and hot lunches!).

  91. Craig Nottage

    still to install it in my 4×4 but customer service is pure 5 stars order it and next day it was on its way ,, other Australian companies could learn things from Old Mate Cheers and many thanks

  92. Brett

    Does everything as advertised and am learning more and more with experimentation. Highly recommend to all. I use it during the week in the truck and weekends in the caravan.

  93. Tim

    After not being able to source one of the large Travel Buddy Ovens at a store in SA (they seem to sell very quickly when stock comes in) I decided to place an order online instead. After placing the order online I called up to pay over the phone and was told that stock was available and would be shipped on the same day. Not only was it sent that day but it was delivered to my house within 3 business days!! The product looks amazing and is already installed and awaiting its first use this weekend. Again, the conversation on the phone and customer service provided was second to none and I would definitely recommend this to anyone!!

  94. Mark Fitzgerald

    Super quick delivery, cooks/heats very well

  95. Reidy

    If you’re looking for customer service, and a faster delivery time on your TB, look no further! From my first email enquiry to my follow up phone call and then a very speedy delivery… these guys didn’t miss a beat.

    Will add another review once its wired up in the canopy and I’ve used it.

  96. John Murray

    Ordered the Travel Buddy Marine oven. It arrived in 5 days which is fantastic service in these times. It was very well packaged and looks great.
    It’s a Christmas present so I haven’t tried using it yet.
    Looking at all the positive reviews I have no doubt it will be awesome.

  97. Lee

    Didn’t take long to get to regional Tas. A great Aussie made product that we can’t wait to use. Will be getting it built into our Troopy. Just disappointed it didn’t come with pies!

  98. Andrew Wang

    Great communication by Darren and quick delivery to Perth. Well constructed oven and works well. Have recommended to a friend in WA and he ordered one from website himself.

  99. Craig Horsfield

    Great little unit , obviously well made , does what it is supposed to , like the simplicity , and Australian , every ones a winner .

  100. Patrick Honeine

    Straight out of the box the Buddy Oven just felt solid and extremely well built.
    Couldnt wait to give it a go and just like most people that buy this oven I went straight for the Meat Pies and Sausage Rolls.
    15 mins to get upto Temp.
    20 Mins for the Pies and Sausage Rolls to come out Nice Warm and Crispy! Absolutely love it.
    My only slight criticism would be to change the Cigi Lighter to an Anderson Jack or have 2 types of sockets.

  101. Evan

    Super fast delivery of exactly what I was expecting. In the canopy – working and loving it. All ready for my big lap of OZ.

  102. Evan

    Super fast delivery of exactly what I was expecting. In the canopy – working and loving it. All ready for my big lap of OZ.

  103. Anonymous

    The travel buddy was fantastic, we installed it in our car and was able to put pies on for lunch stops and dinners on ready for when we arrived at our destination. Glad we purchased. The purchase was very quick with good correspondence from the company.

  104. Henry Hendrix

    This is a great little oven, looks great, works great, very versatile, and has never let us down.

  105. Derek

    Really good product. Well made. The best thing is it’s AUSTRALIAN made.

  106. Sean Flanigan

    After a long day on the road or the tracks, it’s great to pull out some plates, open the oven and have a hot meal waiting.
    Frozen meals, pre made at home, put in the oven a couple of hours before journeys end, makes for an easy way to enjoy a delicious feed while everyone else is setting up to start cooking.

    We have a Travel Buddy Marine and love it.

  107. Dagsie

    A couple of my friends have these, and after going out in the 4WD’s a couple of weeks ago with them and experiencing hot roast beef rolls for lunch, I just had to get one. Ordered on line, got it within 1 week. I’ll be using it in the 4WD and the boat.

  108. Steve

    This is awesome, so convenient to be able to cook dinner while driving. Just loving it so far.

    Cheers Steve

  109. Anonymous

    This product is exactly what I’d hoped it would be. Perfect size, convenient, and does the job well.

  110. Marc Glasby

    We bought a Travel Buddy oven for our 4×4 and found it was so useful that we have now purchased a second one for our Coaster motorhome.

    We run a website all about Western Australia and we do a lot of travelling around and having an oven available on the road makes life so much easier. After a long drive we can have a nice meal ready to eat when we arrive or we can heat pies for a quick lunch stop. Pies are so much better in a Travel Buddy than from a microwave!

    We have cooked roasts, baked bread and done heaps more in the Travel Buddy.

    We did a fair bit of testing with our first Travel Buddy and even made a video about our experiences. You can find it on our YouTube channel by searching for ‘wanowandthen travel buddy put to the test’

  111. Neil

    Great Product got it home plugged it into the Caravan. Chucked a couple of pies in set the Timer perfection Could not believe how golden brown they were.

  112. Stew

    Bought for Christmas 2020, doing the review now after a few months of use. Great product, have cooked roast beef and veggies for 4; pizza, casseroles, stroganoff to name a few meals, oh and the obligatory pie. So great when driving for the day and having dinner ready on arrival. Better than the dream pot or eco pot. Only limited by imagination. We had ummed and ahhhed about buying this but so glad we did. Sits in the back of the Patrol on a shelf. Such a great product.

  113. Brian

    Have only had it for 2 weeks but used it 6 times so far and it has been great, simple and well built. I may do a review on YouTube after 6 months to see how it stands up to beaning bonused around in the back of a Ute for work and 4wdriving.

  114. Gary

    What a great unit! It arrived well packaged and within a few days of placing the order! Installed into my 4WD and have been enjoying hot food at smoko breaks ever since! Unit is easy to use with the timer, very solidly built and has plenty of room inside for my frozen meals.
    Many Thanks

  115. Steve

    It makes you feel good to support locally made products, as there aren’t too many of them left. It could do with an inline fuse, welded corners on doors, twist or over centre catch on door.
    But these are trivial things that can be added by the handyman.
    Very pleased with the performance & build quality of the oven, keep up the good work boys.

  116. Macca

    My travel buddy arrived very quickly after ordering and has already come in handy this past weekend on a trip! Absolutely love it and very glad to have finally bought myself one after spending years admiring everyone elses. If you are thinking about getting one definitely do it! You won’t regret it.

  117. Stan Williams

    Our new Travel Buddy meets all our expectations, it was quickly delivered into NSW and it was easy to install ourselves, hot pies when we stop for lunch in the bush is the best. Great work from a local Australian business.

  118. Nige Alan

    Travel Buddy 12 ovens are excellent. I have had one in my $wd’s for year. Cooked meals, scones, Cakes, great for hot pies and sausage rrolls out of the freezer in remote parts of Australia. Get one the company is excellent to deal with and they are top quality!

  119. Sgroisy

    Ever reliable the Travel buddy has been a fixture in all my off road vehicles – after all what would it be like travelling across the Simpson without a ht pie for lunch!?

  120. Wassa

    I have two Ovens a Big ****** and the Travel buddy.
    I like the Buddy Best 10/10 what more can I say, you can not score higher!

  121. Anonymous

    I have just unboxed the package..
    The Travel Buddy is well put together and the Anderson Plug was attached as I had requested.
    I am looking forward too using it after “lockdown” and we can get out again to go Camping.

  122. Pindimar Pete

    Our family have purchased three travel buddys now. Don’t think you’re ahead by saving $10 on replicas these are the original and superior product on the market. Outstanding service posted same day as ordered.
    We don’t go away camping or in boat without it. Lamb shanks in red wine gravy whilst fishing!! Is that even allowed???

  123. arthur

    originally purchased one for my boat 12 months ago & was so happy with for re-heating pre-cooked meals while off shore for days at a time. I have now purchased one for my 4×4 & another for my son’s as well. 100 % recommend this product.

  124. Tony H

    October 2021, having owned the Travel Buddy 12v Marine since February 2021, we have used it a number of times in the back of our Ford Everest 4wd.
    I am not one for having all the mod cons camping, but I must say this oven is one of the very best items we have purchased, works really well, cooks great.
    I was initially concerned that the heat of the door would be an issue – not at all, it gets warm, but that’s what the knob is for.
    Also initially worried about the door catch, not an issue at all either. The oven has been in the back of the wagon permanently with a pan in it, not once has the door opened by itself even on rough roads and tracks.
    Great product, brilliant customer service, just ordered another for my sons vehicle.
    Thank you.

  125. Carmine Masino

    The product is very well made and being made in Australia just speaks volumes. Excellent packaging, delivery and the Customer service is something that is being lost by other companies. Well done guys. Keep up the great work. And come on Australia, support Local. Why spend the same money on an imported product? Think about what is happening globally and help Australian companies rebuild manufacturing here.

  126. Jakob Stiefel

    We ordered the 12V marine oven from Switzerland on the 09.08.2022 and payed for it.
    Today, 2 days later the product is on its way to our friends place. We will travel for 6 month and give the oven a thorough test.
    So far outstanding service and communication.

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