Travel Buddy 12 Volt Oven small size upto 4 x pies

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Spare parts are included in ovens purchase , do not order unless additional to oven purchase.




Fast Food takes on a new meaning with the Travel Buddy. This portable, lightweight, 12 volt oven can cook, bake and warm foods while you travel.

Simply load the Travel Buddy up with pies, pasties, sausage rolls, pizzas hotdogs or a pre-prepared meal and plug into your car’s cigarette lighter socket, set the timer and while you are driving or parked, your meal is being heated or cooked.


  • Heat a meal on the move
  • Fitted with a 2 hour timer to protect from battery failure
  • 12 Volt DC 6 Amp
  • Insulated stainless steel
  • Manufactured and designed in Australia
  • 170 degrees Celsius+ after initial warm up

External Dimensions

  • Height 190mm
  • Width 235mm
  • Depth 280mm

Internal Dimensions

  • Height 100mm
  • Width 180mm
  • Depth 250mm


  • Insulated Steel Body
  • 12 volt DC 6 amp 72 watts
  • Fitted with 2 hour timer Free standing or mounted


The Travel Buddy is a sturdy oven that you can take anywhere. The stainless steel makes it easy to use and to clean. If your vehicle has a socket for a cigarette lighter, then there is nowhere that the Travel Buddy can’t go! Heat a meal while you travel, it doesn’t matter if there are no shops around, your meal will be ready when you arrive. The Travel Buddy’s heating temperature reaches approximately 170 degrees Celsius+ after the initial warm up.

Ideal for:
  • 4×4 Activities
  • Camping
  • Tradespeople
  • Transport
  • Caravans
  • Boats
  • Touring
  • Farmers, etc


Flat rate freight – $10 per item

67 reviews for Travel Buddy 12 Volt Oven small size upto 4 x pies

  1. darcy

    Havnt got one yet! But I’m excited! 🙂

  2. Richard

    Got one a couple of weeks back and it works exactly as advertised. Can’y wait to try it out when camping in June . A great product

  3. Richard – Qld

    I’ve now got one. They do everything claimed. Simply put- a great investment.

  4. rsksfird

    Have only had mine for a short time but dose every thing as advertised should have baught one a long time ago.great product

  5. Mj

    My husband is a truck driver and he uses it twice a day, 5 days a week his is now 3 years old and has been the best thing I have ever brought for him.

  6. Logan

    I have just purchased a 12 volt oven and have used it on my recent trip. I put in a pre-prepared meal and kept on driving. When I stopped the meal was hot and ready to eat. I am a pilot for over dimension loads and travel a lot ,sometimes long distances. A couple of the truck drivers saw the oven and were suitably impressed and asked where I got it from. They will be contacting Travel Buddy to order their own ovens in the next few.

  7. Tony

    Juz got one and I love it, No more sandwiches, works beautiful thanx travel buddy.:))))))))

  8. Chris, from Hervey bay

    The Travel Buddy is the best investment I’ve made, had the other el cheepy and they don’t come with in a bull roar of this wounderful product, I highly recoment any one thinking of a 12 volt oven, I tell you now you won’t go wrong with the Travel Buddy, it’s a well made and finished product, strong and sturdy for my work, driving long distance interstate. Thank you for making a very good product and it’s made here.

  9. Santa

    This is awesome, I put it on the passenger seat and it only gets slightly warm on the outside, while inside my dinner is heating up nicely …
    I put it on 2hrs before I want to park up for the night and when I park up the truck its there ready for me to eat … don’t have to worry about cooking on the side of the road again… This way I have my home cooked meals just like were when they first came out of the oven at home …

  10. Anonymous

    The best thing I’ve ever used I went away and we went 4wd and we put pies in it for two hours and they were cooked from frozen

  11. Di

    Put 2 marylands, potatoes, carrots and pumpkin with about 60 ml of coconut milk, chilli, ginger, garlic and coriander in a foil oven container, then in an oven bag, cooked for approx 2.5 hours. Pulled up to camp for the night and dinner was PERFECT! This was the first time I used the travel buddy. Highly recommend it!

  12. Peter H

    I was very impressed with the build quality of the unit and even more impressed with the low power consumption. I heated a couple of pies for 90 minutes off a standing 12V 80Ah battery and it only knocked it down to around 12.2 volts – easily replaced with a few hours on the solar panel. This oven has already become a standard part of our camping kitchen gear and will see plenty of use, thanks Travel Buddy!

  13. Anonymous

    Best gift I’ve got my bf good for his long trips to work instead of making crappy lunch’s he can have heated meals now the delivery was fast n easy I stuffed up twice n the guy was happy to help me id recommend buying this product

  14. Lesley Eylward

    i was a bit dubious at first but husband got out turkey roast 1 kilo. put timer on for 90 min then again for 90 min cooked great if anything could have cut time by 15 min, very impressed. already have spot in 4×4 for it. well done and thankyou. Lesley.

  15. Mitch

    I was drawn to the 12v Travel Buddy to use on my 4.5m Quintrex fishin boat. Successful sea trials recently in the waters at Tuross NSW have ensured the Pie Oven will be mounted permanently. After a few hours of fishing and drifing, a ‘ding’ signalled the pies were ready. Delicious hot Braidwood bakery pies, on the boat, on the water – Genius!

  16. Peter QLD

    Ordered a 12 volt travel buddy it arrived in 3 days ,Was a breeze to mount cannot wait for easter to go away and try it out properly.

  17. Ken Eddy

    As a mature interstate truck driver, I like GOOD meals while I’m away,I don’t like expensive fast food & as there are hardly any good truck stops anymore this little oven is a ripper. Home cooked meals everyday. Cooked breakfast every morning. Crack a couple eggs into a foil container add whatever I like whack it in the oven …..perfect omelette. Highly recommended for everyone. It will pay for itself in a fortnight!

  18. Filthy Phil

    Fantastic, cooks great and saving money as i don’t eat in the crappie road houses anymore, money well spent.

  19. Hakka

    Only used it a few times, but it has exceeded my expectations. Can’t wait to try a roast in it! I love it and my wife loves it…..this is a must have bit of camping gear.

  20. Andrew M

    Took a while to heat up and placing a frozen sausage roll the suggested 90 mins wasn’t just quite enough to heat the roll however another 10 mins would have done it.

  21. tony cuzens

    This product does what no other does. As travellors you need a hit meal and to be able to have one on the road is great

  22. Steven

    I’ve had my travel buddy for 2wks but it has proved to be an excellent purchase. I’ve used it for heating pies,home-made pasta dishes & pizzas and can’t recommend it highly enough. It beats paying for over-priced & (possibly) dodgy roadhouse food. In the words of that bloke in the silly hat, “do yourself a favour people,get amongst it!!”

  23. Ian

    The oven is bloody great . I had another type and was always worried that it would start a fire . The Travel Buddy lead stays cool and heats my dinners just right.

  24. Deborah Klapproth

    Better than best – keeping the boys well fed, while on the move; saving time and a fortune, not having to stop for take away rubbish anymore. Thanks to all at travel buddy.

  25. Janine

    We have used our travel buddy on several trips now. We can feed all 5 of us a hot meal when we arrive at our destination. It is worth it’s weight in gold!

  26. MIck Moore

    From ordering one day recieving the next couldnt wait to install into the car and try it have cooked in it so far chicken nuggets , pies, pasties and sausage rolls, garlic chicken balls and warmed up donuts and all have cooked up perfectly this is without doubt the best thing I have purchased for my 4wd will be trying a roast in the very near future nothing like driving along and enjoying the cooking smells coming from the oven

  27. Russell Allan

    As a truck driver I always eat on the go, but you get tired of sandwiches or having to wait for something to be cooked. But not know for me after purchasing my 12v Travel Buddy I am having a variety of nutritious meals 96 % fat free and also cholesterol free. Now I can eat the type of meals my Doctors have been asking me to and also meals that I like, roast beef, and lamb with gravy with 3 veg, mixed grills and I have only just purchased it. The types of meals are endless. The Travel Buddy is the best thing I have bought and am looking forward to experimenting further.

  28. Branden Kane

    Great product Australian made, heats up quick and works well.

  29. Janet Brooks

    Love this little buddy!!”

  30. david richards

    great product does everything its claimed to do.
    great to have hot food when going 4wd in the snow.
    great product.

  31. Marcel

    Fitted my new oven last week, working outdoors on the NBN with many crews in the area and supervisors about all the time, never see them and haven’t bothered me until now. They seem to turn up just about lunchtime to see whats cooking, so far had for lunch chicken terriaki with rice (leftover from diner), the obligatory chunky meat pie, and home made sausage rolls. Looking to find some new meals for next week. Your suggestions are welcome!!

    YEAHHH no more boring sandwiches!!

  32. Kristen

    Great quality all round. Cannot speak highly enough of this product. Gave to my truck driving husband as a present for his long haul trips and over night stays. Purchased a bulk number of foil containers, made loads of extra meals and put in freezer. He takes frozen meals at lunch time for overnight trip, puts in oven 1 hour before final stop. Hot, tasty home cooked meals in the middle of no where. Could not ask for more from customer service/ advice to delivery and design. More expensive than other ‘ portable food warmers’ on the market, but far better in versatility and quality of product as it is literally an oven not just a warmer. Definitely worth the investment when you consider how much we will save with no more roadhouse dinners. No doubt this will be used in our family and household for years to come and I am excited to experiment with it over the festive holidays!

  33. Sonya

    My husband spends a lot of time in his truck and this oven will allow him to have home cooked meals every day. I just think it’s great.

  34. Tim M

    Great to have on those long trips when you are the kind that doesn’t like to go into fast food shops and wait in the queues with a heap of people. It’s fun to pull up at some new park with your thermos and your toasted pies/home made dish baked in the Travel Buddy. The cigarette plug didn’t get hot on my vehicle and worked like a charm. The timer is ideal for not BURNING your food too. The Travel Buddy doesn’t make things soggy like cheap rubbish on the market. The only down-side is that the edges are a little sharp, but “made with love” almost more than every other accessory that I have. I highly recommend these ovens to anyone that travels a lot and wants to eat healthy by making their own and cooking it or for those that don’t like waiting in queues! 4.5 stars!

  35. Jess

    Have seen lots about these on 4wd action so we thought heck why not. I mean who doesn’t love a roast. We popped in a lamb roast before heading out for a day driving on the sand dunes and mucking around on the beach. Our roast was perfectly cooked after a couple of hours and with some fresh bread rolls and gravy lunch was served. So easy and so good.

  36. Elmo

    Travel Buddy has saved me heaps; as an interstate truck driver I was constantly eating at truck stops where they usually serve fatty and unhealthy food.

    With Travel Buddy I can heat or reheat meals while loading and unloading which allows me to better manage my driver fatigue.

    My wife cooks extra healthy meals in foil trays, I also purchase frozen diet meals which are a perfect fit for my Travel Buddy.

    I throughly recommend Travel Buddy to all truck drivers wanting to breakfree from the cycle of unhealthy eating and save money. 10/10 Travel Buddy.

  37. michael

    Extremely happy pulling up having pies n dim sims in the high country while everyone else eats chicken sangas….

  38. Callum Robson

    12 hours heading out , roast beef ,three hours cooking time done to perfection ! Sliced and in crusty rolls , so easy . A welcome feed and break ,heading out ! ☕️

  39. Dan – 4WD Action

    Blindingly fast delivery, simple, easy to mount and works a treat. Frozen pie in after breakfast and it’s ready for morning tea on the tracks. Solid construction, no rattles, and the door is solidly held shut in transit.

  40. Alan

    This little item is a ripper, I should have purchased one years ago.

  41. Bob

    Only had it a couple of weeks, but had no issues so far – does everything it says it does and nice to be able to eat hot food on the go without resorting to nasty take-away.

    At only 72 watts it does take longer than a normal oven to heat food, but on the flip side it doesn’t kill the battery either. I drop lunch in around morning tea time and it’s ready to go by lunch time.

  42. Anonymous

    I brought this oven for my husband for his birthday to use in the boat when out fishing and he loves it .
    Hot pies when out fishing .. Can’t beat it.!
    Extremely happy with this little oven.

  43. Ray

    once you got one you never look back, but at least now i eat home cooked meals .on the road . the best

  44. sally

    My hubby is an interstate driver and I have always sent home cooked meals away with him. He is so happy with the oven, the pies are crunchy, the stirfry’s are piping hot and everything else has been fantastic. The oven is catering quality stainless steel and is solid and strong. So happy with our purchase, it paid for itself within the month!!!

  45. Gary Liddelow

    We have now purchased our third Buddy Oven.
    We have had our Buddy Oven now for over 5 years and couldn’t be without it. It has been with us on all of our trips and has never let us down, great for cooking roasts, meat pies, pasties and for heating up frozen diners.
    Before we leave on our trips we prepare a dozen or so diners in the small alfoil trays and freeze them. Take them out mid morning and place in the Buddy Oven and by lunchtime a hot meal is ready to be eaten.

    The rest of the family are so impressed with them we have purchased another two ovens and given them to our two girls who also now enjoy using the Buddy Ovens on their trips.
    Would recommend these fantastic little ovens to everyone and the best thing about them is that they hardly use any battery power, easy to use, easy to keep clean, use so little space inside your vehicle and your friends are so jealous when you bring out nice hot pies with tomatoe sauce on cold wet days of 4×4 driving.
    Go the mighty Buddy Oven

  46. Kernel

    I recently bought my first Travel Buddy 12v oven for my 4WD and used it over a 7 day trip down through the Victorian High country. I have it mounted on my rear storage system which is very easy to do with the brackets that are supplied with the oven…a nice surprise! I used it to reheat sausages, frozen pies and frozen pre-cooked meals which meant I could choose where I wanted to stop for a break and have my meals and not rely on finding a shop to buy food. Reheating donuts was also a great thing to be able to do on the go!!! The cooking-reheating instructions supplied are clear and accurate and the oven delivered as promised every time! I wouldn’t go on a trip without one ever again!

  47. Marilyn Scheidel

    This oven is very well designed and functional. I bought it for my husband who is a truckie. He has had many devises in these trucks but his favourite is the Travel Buddy oven.

  48. Clare

    We have only had this product for a few days and couldn’t wait to try it. It really works well, with safety of not getting too hot on the smaller size oven, and value for money of the convieniance of a hot meal on the road and travelling. We pre packed frozen meals in a foil container, thawed out, then heated in the oven in about 90 mins it was great, hot and fully heated. Now we can fill the Engel fridge full of prepared meals, including veges, all heat up well without drying fresh steamed veges and meat and gravy in your dish and have nice home cooked meals on the go. Have yet to try pies and mini pizzas but I’m sure the oven will do a great job.
    Very happy with the size as its not too big. 2 hour timer is great. Perfect and keeps you away from the nasty takeaways!

  49. Glenn

    Cooked four frozen 4 and 20 pies on the road from Wodonga to Tathra. Ist go worked well and did the job I wanted the cheepies I looked at fall apart

  50. carron handley

    this is our second travel buddy,this one we’ve put in our new motorhome.meals cook while we travel ready to eat when we pull up anywhere. first one paid for it’s self on the way to western aust.they are great.

  51. Michael

    Bought the oven just before we went away on a 3 month holiday through the Kimberley and Simpson desert it was great we cooked pies and reheated meals to perfection. Nothing like a Four n Twenty and an ice cold beer in the middle of nowhere.

  52. Allan

    The 12v Travel Buddy is just what we needed to take the place of a microwave in our caravan as we are mostly of grid. Well made and the right size for what we need, Thank you.

  53. Gary Liddelow

    This is the 4th Oven we have purchased, we were so pleased with the results of ours (2011) we have purchased one each for our two daughters and Son In-law. A journey of many thousands of K’s goes by quickly when you can smell the flavours of a meat pie, sausage roll or even a chicken satay cooking in the back. Snow drifting all over you in the High Country whilst you tuck into a hot pie covered in tomato sauce.
    Our Grand kids when going camping with us always ask “have you got the Buddy Oven in”

    Thank you once again for a fantastic product

  54. Anonymous

    I have owned a few of them which I have installed in boats and work vans. Great product.

  55. Sevier Cassar

    What a great product, we went on a caming trip Deua National Park,
    after some fun 4WD action we were able to pull over overlooking the valley to enjoy a steaming hot pie a sausage rolls, the Tavel buddy will be a permaent fixture in the 80 Series.

  56. lindsay wright

    Had my first outing with this great little oven and loved my first meal the good old MEAT PIE,I am so happy that this product is hand made in Australia cheers Lindsay

  57. Somerville MetalWorks

    Not the first one I’ve bought still have my original going strong and never let me down.
    Great aussie product and quality is 2nd to none compared to its rip off counterpart.
    If you need an anderson plug just ask them, I got them fitted to both my ovens i just bought

  58. Garry Scholes

    Love the Travel Buddy would like it a bit larger but it is quite good to use for work or play would not hesitate to buy another .Great Aussie product

  59. MikeCee

    If its Aussie made its got to one great, and it is. I got the standard size buddy and its perfect for my Bush trips, camping and just getting outdoors. I’ve got a Suzuki Jimmy so space is not huge, but there is plenty of room to fit in my Travel Buddy. I love stopping at the local country bakery whenever Im travelling around to get a sausage roll or pie. It’s great sampling all the different bakeries. But theres not always one out in a National Park so the ability to buy a supply as you pass the bakery and keep in the toolbox for heating up later is great.
    There’s various warmers out there, hey I’ve even got a 12V Cooler that can also heat. BUT it cannot compare to the Travel Buddy, because most other heaters do warm your sausage roll or pie, but its SOGGY. Not the Travel Buddy, it’s nice a heated with a crisp pastry just like the bakery. V.happy with it.

  60. Mike Penrose

    I had been considering this product for quite a while, finally deciding to take the plunge and purchase one.
    When it arrived in the post I excitedly unpacked it and gave it an immediate test. I found that it has a capacity for 6 four n twenty pies, and does an excellent job of heating them, not soggy like a microwave, nice crisp pastry.
    I am still perfecting the times, but rest assured it has taken up permanent residence in my canopy.
    The oven seems to be extremely well made and I would have to say that I and my family are delighted with it, so much so that my son will probably buy one himself.
    Once again, thank you for a great,”AUSSIE” product, I didn’t think we made anything here any more.

  61. Anonymous

    This product is awesome. Used it for a trial run in my car. Place frozen meat pie and like suggested it took 90 minutes to be ready. Really crispy and flakey pastry.
    Son now using daily for lunches as he is a tradie.

  62. Penininsula Gates & Automation (vic)

    Just installed our Travel Buddy in our truck tool box. Convenient size and
    works great to warm up those left overs and of course pies and sausage rolls. Had my sheet metal guy fold up 2 stainless steel trays that fit perfectly. A must for any tradie. Great Aussie made product!

  63. Rick Traficante

    Purchased the original TB mainly due to very low power draw. I have used it a couple of times now heating up things from Frozen and to cooking a damper for 2.5hrs. My old Deep cycle battery hardly lost any charge after 2.5hr, great.

    The purchase and mailing process was good and fast. Though my product did arrive with some damage most likely due to mail process and or being dropped . It arrived with front door bent in at one corner and slight dent on inner frame. I fixed the door pretty easy and for the other damage not worth it for me to send it back. Works fine.

    My only suggestion would be that for the price the front door closing mechanism ( if you can call it that) lets the product down. You can purchase an after market latch for it ( someone has seen the benefits of that) but if added would make the product so much better. The one it has will require regular redjusting so that it closes tightly.

    Overall I am happy with it and look forward to using it more and more.


  64. Ron Metcalfe

    This is our second travel buddy. We have a 12 volt marine for work ute and a recent second purchase of the standard oven for a truck. Top little ovens with very low power draw. Highly recommend this product. Thinking of another marine oven for the boat.
    Heats up frozen meals at 185 degrees in 2 hours.

  65. Gregory Clarke

    This oven so great i cooked pizza and pies come out so good n cryspy well cooked n hot in the middle.Would recommend to all and of cause Australian made.

  66. ivan truscott

    Our family members have purchased 5 Travel Buddies over the years .
    Dont stuff around with other brands of so called ovens .

    You will waist your time and money .
    Back up service is 5 star if ever needed at Travel Buddy .

  67. Gary

    Bought this as pie warmer, but now I have it may we’ll see what else I can cook in it.
    Great quality and a compact device, love the fact it comes with brackets to fasten it down to a draw set or the like.
    Highly recommended for the traveller or even sales/service technicians.

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